Commercial Photography

Whenever it comes to photography, we always rely on using a professional. The difference is clear to see for everyone. We are firm believers in hiring others to take care of certain parts of our business. Naturally, we do windows and we do them exceptionally well. Photography, not so much, therefore we call in the experts and that person I David Dean at David Dean Photography who primarily offers wedding photography services in Essex, but also other types of photography work. He is a top guy and his work is second to none.

Moving Day

It is important to have a plan for your moving day. It can be entirely too emotional, too busy, too everything. It’s important to remember that most of the big things have been taken care of. If you organised a moving company, your stress levels will probably be much lower than doing it yourself. Once you have emotionally prepared yourself and organised your horde in the right direction it’s time to get things going. It would probably be a good idea to get any children to their care arrangements earlier rather than later.


Step 1: Make a note of meter readings. Record the readings for water, electricity and gas. Take a picture of each with your mobile phone.


Step 2: Do a final walkthrough to make sure that nothing has been left behind in cupboards. Strip the beds and pack bedding and curtains if necessary. Make sure that all personal possessions have been packed away and/or removed.


Step 3: Make sure all boxes are properly labeled to avoid confusion at the new address. Make sure the boxes you are transporting yourself (usually fragile items or last minute items like the kettle) are not mixed in with the main move items.


Step 4: Be ready for when the removal company/friends and/or family arrive to get the show on the road. That way no one is standing around waiting for anyone else. Moving days are full with activity and there is a lot to get done and supervised before your head will hit a pillow on the other side.


Step 5: Make sure one person is on hand when the movers have finished packing to check the packing inventory. Generally someone will be required to sign that the inventory is satisfactory.


Step 6: Leave all the sets of keys as arranged with the new owners/tenants/estate agent. Make sure a current inventory is available. If you were renting, get the exit inventory taken care of with the designated party.

Step 7: Check all the windows are secure and closed and that all the utilities are switched off.


Step 8: Pack yourself and any items you will be transporting and make a break for your new home. Check all meter readings and note them.


Step 9: Get the kettle on the boil, maybe even consider buying paper cups as yours may be packed away somewhere. Order in dinner. No one will fancy cooking after such a full day. It may be helpful to order in advance.

The Use of Renewable Heat Sources in the Home – Firewood and Briquettes

We have more and more customers that have made plans along with our sky light windows to install a wood burner or stove. We think the two go hand in hand and can make for a feature full home. Some of our customer were concerned about losing the heat produced via using briquettes and that heat escaping through the roof windows. However, we hare reassured our customers that the quality of our windows have been tested and are at an industry high standard for the least amount of heat loss via our windows. Granted it is more than a well-insulated roof, but you have the added benefits of seeing the night sky.

Kitchen Appliance Repair Firm

We all have bought swanky new electrical kitchen appliances at some point in our lives and with all electrical appliances – they have a lifespan. Some last far longer than other, and other well, do not last long at all. However, there is a way to prolong their lifespan. That is instead of throwing it away or recycling it, contact the team at Phoenix Appliance Repair if you stay in the state of Arizona and they will save you some dollars.

Maintain Your Home Appliances

Most of us take great pride in our homes and also like the creature comforts that can be purchased to make day to day living much better and free up your own time. Things like dishwashers, dryers, washing machines and other electrical appliances, but do we have a contingency fund when these break? Most of us will not have the resource to quickly replace such goods and that is where maintaining and repairing them can be much more cost effective. Companies such as appliance repair in scottsdale az can help with such requirements and have been providing a great service for many years now.